Sustainability in action

While we offer specialist expertise to our clients around ESG, we also live and breathe our purpose: to transform the world of finance for the better. Whether it’s for our people, spaces, or processes, sustainability underpins how we operate.

That’s also why we closely evaluate who we work with and the projects that have the power to make a difference.

Climate action

The climate emergency is one of the biggest global challenges we face. It’s imperative we play our part in reducing carbon emissions to prevent irreversible damage to our planet. That’s why we’re committed to becoming Net Zero by 2030, with science-based targets (SBIs) set, and our emissions and data externally verified.

As well as driving forward with actionable goals, we continue to work with our supply chain day to day to reduce our indirect emissions. Plus, we’re focused on reducing our own, direct carbon footprint with our sustainable travel charter and we recycle, reuse and reimagine our workspaces to make an impact.

Women in Finance

We’re proud to be Women in Finance signatories. And we were one of the first agencies to sign the H M Treasury-led Women in Finance Charter, a pledge for gender balance across financial service. With a 50/50 gender split in terms of our board and across our employee base, we continue to champion women coming in to, continuing, and returning to work in the financial services sector.

Sharing our skills

We use our communication skills for social and environmental good too. That’s why we established our For the Better award, an annual pro bono programme in partnership with The Finance Innovation Lab, to support those creating greater financial inclusion. We’ve worked with the likes of Vestpod, Fair Money Advice, and The Credit Unions of Wales to deliver effective, game-changing communications that make a difference.

More about For The Better

Diversity, Equity, and inclusion

Sustainability, for us, goes beyond climate goals as we wouldn’t make the progress we do without our people. And regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation or anything else, we welcome everyone and encourage them to reach their potential.

Whether it’s Beam, our LGBTQ network, Unbound, our disability network, Kaleidoscope, our race and ethnicity network, or rise, our women’s network - our affinity networks are here offer support and acceptance.

Wellbeing for all

Our priority is to ensure all colleagues are happy and healthy. That’s why we have a wide range of benefits and programmes available to all employees, from counselling to yoga. We have trained mental health first-aiders within the business, as well as professional help available through our health insurer. Throughout the year we run training sessions, workshops and events that provide practical advice, tools and techniques on a wide range of topics from sleep and resilience, financial planning and mental health awareness, to menopause.

Plus, our doggy policy sees our furry friends bring joy on a weekly basis.