TS Analytics: transforming information into insight

Behind every great campaign is the data to back it up. Which is why we’re determined to help you discover the opportunity waiting in yours.

Build, develop and optimise your brand and its marketing with purposeful, cutting-edge analytics. Plus, we’ll hand you the strategies and tools to get the story behind the statistics.

Drive your thought leadership further

Share the meaningful insights at the heart of your audience and market data. We give clients the tools to build their reputation, relevance and credibility by converting raw data into engaging in-depth reports.

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Make consumer data come alive

We help you bring together, process and understand all your consumer data. So you can spend less time crunching numbers and more time driving better outcomes.

Using our expertise, you can combine and transform sources like your CRM database, sales numbers and web analytics into business opportunities.

Get the bigger picture

Make brand reporting easy and, most importantly, valuable with our best-in-class dashboards. By processing and visualising your marketing and campaign data in fresh and compelling ways, we ensure your analytics stay actionable.

Measuring with purpose

Every dashboard we develop is completely customisable, created in partnership with you and informed by your business’ distinct priorities and ambitions.

Statistical storytelling with Investment Week

To celebrate our joint 25-year anniversaries, Teamspirit and Investment Week looked back at the changing world of finance.

We harnessed their data to tell a series of stories through the numbers, including this 2019 animation on inflation over the past quarter century.

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